How to stick to your fitness resolutions in 2019


Getting fit is a common aspiration for many of us, as the New Year rolls around. But as the days progress, it’s not uncommon for some to fall off the fitness wagon and back into old habits.


So, here are some tips to help keep you motivated to achieve your fitness-focused resolutions to look and feel your best in 2019.



Set small and specific goals


If you wanted to learn how to climb mountains, you wouldn't immediately tackle Everest on your first go.


Setting unreasonable goals to lose massive amounts of weight, pile on enormous volumes of muscle or cut down and shred to look like a professional athlete, will not get you far.

Approaching things this way means injuries can occur from going too hard or too soon, especially when high-level exercises are beyond your abilities.


Instead, start small and set goals to increase your loads on the weight bench, treadmill and exercise bike over time. You will be climbing Everest before you know it.


Teamwork can keep you motivated


Some people have incredible self-motivation. Most of us mere mortals, though, and can let ourselves down on occasion by letting discipline slip. Combat this by working with friends,   each other and prevent these slumps from occurring.


Instead of flying solo, head into your workouts with a group or a partner, or simply take the time to chat once a week about how your routine went. This way, you won't want to be the one to say you didn't do anything at all.


Track your progress


A tangible log of your exercises and results will help motivate you to keep reaching for your



Write down your weekly exercises, food intake and results (weight or measurements, whatever your goal may be). This physical log will show where your progress is sitting and how you can open up further opportunities.


Set deadlines


If you made a resolution to improve your fitness, congratulations. You are on the journey towards better health. But you will need a more solid plan than just 'get fit in 2019'.


As part of your goal setting process, set firm deadlines on when you want these goals achieved by.


Be realistic with these, though, don't make them impossible to achieve. Every time you knock off a deadline, it will give you a hunger to strive for the next one.


Find ways to exercise at home


Getting fit requires time – something many Australians don’t have a lot of.


We have busy work schedules, many of us have children, and there is the daily commute to contend with – all manner of factors that make hitting the gym a difficult task.


But you don't have to get up at 4am and drag yourself to local club achieve your fitness resolutions. Consider setting up your own space at home that you can use when you have spare time available. Treadmills and exercise bikes are invaluable cardio tools and don't take up a lot of room, often packing down for easy storage.


Having the proper equipment in your own home can act as a motivator as well. Finding time,

energy and motivation to get to the gym present barriers that stop a lot of people from getting fit, or initiating in any exercise at all.


What are your goals for 2019?